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Mafat Conspiracy Nintendo NES Game Cartridge

The Mafat Conspiracy was released for the NES in 1990. It was developed by Aicom and published by Vic Tokai. It is Golgo 13’s sequel. Lawrence Fletcher illustrated the game’s cover art. The first video game for the NES was censored, but it still had some content that violated the content guidelines for Nintendo. A similar thing occurred in the sequel. Though some of the content from the Japanese edition was modified, there were specific references and or depictions that were usually not in games for the NES.

The story is about a satellite for weapons was stolen from orbit, making the world face nuclear destruction. A terrorist group, called the Mafat Conspiracy, is behind the act. The terrorists have a plan of extorting the Soviet and US governments by threatening to have their satellites descend from space. They are also demanding the Soviets give them their research about electromagnetic waves, and for the government in America to surrender their ship called Los Angeles, which has nuclear warheads armed on it. The KGB and CIA are blaming one another, and the mission for Golgo 13 is eliminating the Mafat Group’s leader, destroy their capture system for satellites, and save Dr Barrows, who was kidnapped in England from his laboratory years ago. He was moved to Paris, and he remains there in confinement.

The game’s action will take place on five screen types. They are sniper shooting, maze navigating, Ferrari driving, stationary action, and horizontal scrolling action. The levels that have scrolling will have the player face enemies that will have knives, grenades, boomerangs, scythes, machine guns, and pistols. There will also be dogs and scorpions the player will face. The player will have a gun to kill for killing enemies and can find ammo during gameplay. Enemies can also be kicked. Stationary screens will let a player punch and kick enemies, including Arm of Mafat, who is inside the Mafat’s hideout, the Bodyguard, who is protecting Ahmad Khan, then Canine, who is at the Mafat’s base awaiting the player. Along with fighting enemies during stationary and scrolling levels, with both being timed, a player will do lots of jumping and running.

The game’s action scenes that involve maze navigation and a Ferrari will employ a 3D perspective. The portion with the Ferrari will be a timed race where the player views action from the car’s rear. The player is able to shift the car gears and launch hand grenades roward cars that contain agents working for KGB. During the maze gameplay, the player will be able to fire at grenade throwing, machine gun toting, and pistol shooting enemies while they explore a variety of rooms and hallways. An infrared scope giving the player night vision and extra bullets can be found during gameplay.

The game’s sniper screen will make use of the player’s assassin experience. It will feature a player close up aiming their gun, and also a background close up of a target site. While aiming the gun and then preparing to shoot, the player will need to take direction and wind speed into consideration. Throughout the game, a CIA member with the name James will give the player information on enemies and Dr Barrows location. He also provides the player special weapons that they can request. An agent by the name of Sylvia will sometimes lend a helping hand.

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