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Times of Lore NES Game Cartridge

Times of Lore was released for the NES in 1991.It was developed and published by Origin Systems. The setting of the game is in a world that is very complex and will feature 13,000 map screens. There will be no loading while playing, making that a big feat during its time era for such a large environment. The story is about the Albareth kingdom and High King Valwyn, its monarch, disappeared and the barons and dukes are fighting for power. The Barbarians have threatened to invade the kingdom, while monsters are rampaging the land. A player will take the role of a hero of their choice, being able to choose between a valkyrie, a knight, and a barbarian. They will need to find three magical items and figure out the conspiracy.

There will be many objects the player can find playing the game, which will include a scroll for teleportation, a la Mjolnir which is a returning ax, and some healing potions. Treela will be a hidden city that is located in the map’s middle, behind a forest. The Serfs will talk about the dragon up north that the player can find sleeping inside its cave on the east edge of the mountains up north. There will also be catacombs that exist, but if the player enters one, the ghouls that are inside will be unleashed into the game world, making it a lot more difficult.

It is actually possible to get into an un-winnable situation that will require the player to restart the game. An example of this is killing an important character that would have given the player certain objects or quests. Killing a random peasant will not be as dangerous, since staying a night at an inn will have them forget a player trespassed.

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