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Xevious NES Game Cartridge

Xevious was released for the NES in 1988. It was developed by Namco and published by Atari. It was originally an arcade game that was released in 1983. The hardware the game runs on is the Namco Galaga, which Masanobu Endo designed. He later created the game The Tower of Druaga.

The story of Xevious is about the fight with humankind and a biocomputer called GAMP. The biocomputer controls planet Xevious’s alien forces. As it turns out, the inhabitants of Xevious were originally from planet Earth and GAMP was a product of some ancient civilization prospering on earth over 100,000 years ago. This age, called the golden age, Gamps were clones of humans that were used for heavy labor. One day, a rebellion against their creators took place. To survive an Ice Age that was upcoming, they had a plan to leave planet earth and then migrate, searching for another homeland. Finally, seven planets were selected that were more than likely suitable for human life.

While playing the game, the player will use the NES controller to take control of a Solvalou combat aircraft. The aircraft has a Zapper that fires forward for the aerial targets and also has a Blaster that fires bombs to the surface for the ground targets and has unlimited ammo. The game was based in Peru, presumably, and was notable for having a varied terrain underneath. This terrain includes enemy bases, airstrips, forests, and mysterious drawings that are Nazca like on ground.

There is a variety of enemy aircrafts that will fire bullets that move relatively slow. They will also fire projectiles that are fast moving and black spheres that explode. The enemies on the ground will be a mixture of moving vehicles and stationary bases with most of the shots they fire being bullets that move really slow. There will be giant floating motherships called Andor Genesis that will appear in specific areas. These are defeated when the player knocks out the core in the center.

The game will scroll through a total of 16 areas that loops back to the 7th Area after the 16th Area. Solvalou aircrafts will continually advance through the variety of terrain and the area boundaries will be marked when the player flies over a dense forest. If a life is lost, the game will resume at the area’s start. If a minimum of 70% of an area is cleared before a life is lost, the player resumes from the next area’s start instead. Since the Solvalou aircrafts continually fly forward, the player is able to progress in the game without having to defeat any enemies.

There will be hidden bonuses in Xevious that are not mentioned inside the instructions. These bonuses are able to be revealed when the player performs a maneuver that is secret. A special flag, first appearing in the game Rally-X, is among those bonuses. In the game Xevious, those flags will give the player one extra life after collecting it. This is something that Namco carried over for their subsequent games.

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