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Yo! Noid NES Game Cartridge

Yo! Noid was released for the NES in 1990. Now Production developed the game and Capcom published it. The story of the game is about wild slime creatures running around that Mr Green is leading around New York City creating havoc. The city’s mayor decides to call Noid to bring a stop to the evil duplicate of him that is causing the city all of the trouble and to rescue everyone. The Noid’s reward be a massive pizza.

The player as the Noid will not have a life meter, thus a life is lost the player contacts an enemy. A life is also lost if the player’s time hits zero before the level is completed. For offense, the Noid uses a yo-yo to attack the enemies. Magic points are able to be gathered when scrolls are collected. The magic points can be used for special attacks that will clear the screen or power ups that are extremely rare. Both of these are found inside large scrolls that can be opened with the player’s weapons.

Extra lives will be awarded every 20,000 points the player scores. Most of the game’s levels will be traveled by foot. The exception will be in levels that will include an autogyro and a skateboard. There are also minigames that will vary. There will be a level where the Noid is using the Pizza Crusher, like the commercials Avoid the Noid. The boss levels will have the player focus on Pizza eating contests.

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