Golden Axe: the Duel

Sure why not?  Everyone else was doing it.  Golden Axe: the Duel is another in the long line of franchises that ditched their original genre and took to the streets to settle their differences.  After the dismal Golden Axe 3 I suppose anything is an improvement.  The Duel is a decent Street Fighter that simply […]

Golden Axe III

Talk about a day late and a dollar short.  Golden Axe III was released in Japan in 1993 however it was released in the US on the Sega channel in 1995.  I wonder how many of you even know or remember what the Sega channel is?  Anyhow, while it was a decent game at the […]

Golden Axe

When I look back on it I was pretty fortunate during my youth.  I had a friend whose older brother bought a Genesis near its release and proceeded to buy nearly every new game for the first year.   For a 9 year old it’s absolutely mind blowing getting to experience a new console and all […]