Ikari III – the Rescue

I have a love hate relationship with the Ikari Warriors series; I liked them in the arcade to a degree but absolutely cannot stand them in their NES forms.  Both Ikari Warriors and Victory Road are two of the worst games in the system’s library and I’ve more than made my disdain for them public.  […]

Ikari Warriors

The glory days 80s, home of the big dumb action movie were a pretty glorious time.  While the cinema saw an endless list of action vehicles starring functionally retarded actors the video game world would soon see the fallout of that success.  Capcom, Konami, Data East and eventually SNK would all flood arcades with games […]

Ikari Warriors II

You know I really hate this game.  Mind you I never thought highly of the first game either but I know stink when I smell it. And this game stinks.  Back in the day when getting new games was not exactly a weekly occurrence we wound up with this piece of crap.  By that point […]