Dick Tracy

I remember the insane marketing blitz surrounding the release of the Dick Tracy movie back in 1990. I was too young to know about its origin as a newspaper strip from the 1920s and viewed it as a movie starring a colorful cast of villains like batman. With all the radio watches, fast food meals […]


Looking back Capcom were one of the few developers who shied away from movie licenses. Other licenses such as Disney were fair game but the realm of Hollywood was left to Akklaim and LJN. Their lone forays into that highly contested arena was an unlikely source, Willow. The film was a modest hit that Capcom […]


For those of you too young to remember Robocop he was sort of the Master Chief of the 80s to young kids everywhere.  He was a cool cyborg cop who dispatched criminals with extreme prejudice when necessary.  Sure you might look at him now and think his design is quaint but in 1987 this shit […]