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Contra Week

For my second feature I’ll be examining the Contra series.  Once the very definition of action games the series would eventually fade into obscurity for a number of years before seeing a resurgence with its PS2 installment.  From the highs to the lows you’ll see a franchise born then die in a fire.  How could such a thing have happened? I’ll be studying just that. Regardless, it should be a fun ride.

Contra the 8-bit Years: Contra

Contra the 8-Bit Years: Super C

Contra the 16-bit Age: Contra III – the Alien Wars

Contra the 8-bit Years: Contra Force

Contra the 16-Bit Age: Contra Hard Corps

Contra the 32-bit Era: Contra Legacy of War

Contra the 32-Bit Era: C: the Contra Adventure