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Dragon Warrior NES Game Cartridge

Dragon Warrior was released in North America in 1989 for the NES and was the first game released as part of the Dragon Quest franchise. It has been remade and ported for many gaming platforms. Yuji Horii created the franchise and had inspiration from past RPG games like Ultima, Wizardry, and one of his own, The Portopia Serial Murder Case. His goal was to make an RPG that would attract to a large audience who were not familiar with this genre of gaming. He put a great emphasis on the storytelling and the emotional involvement, and also to simplify the games interface. Akira Toriyama, who is a manga artist and the creator of Dragon Ball, produced the artwork of the game and the music was composed by Koichi Sugiyama. Unlike the Japan version, the version in North America had a battery backed RAM to save the game instead of having to use a password, and sprites were modified along with a pseudo-Elizabethan English dialog style.

The story starts out with the player taking command of the main hero arriving at Tantegel Castle. He is told by one of the castle guards that a dragon came and kidnapped the princess and is holding her hostage in a cave far from there. Along the way to rescue the princess and kill the Dragonlord, he finds a hidden ancient tablet in a cave located in a desert. On the tablet is a carved message from someone named Erdrick that tells him the outlines on what is needed to do to kill the Dragonlord. After eventually rescuing Princess Gwaelin, the hero realized that to restore the light to Alefgard, he must destroy the Dragonlord located at Charlock Castle. The hero then collects relics and creates a bridge to get to Charlock but has to fight on his way throughout the castle so he can confront the Dragonlord. Once the hero gets to the Dragonlord, he is given two choices, to either join the Dragonlord or battle him. If the player chooses to join him, the game will end, your character is put into a sleep, and the game will freeze, and will delete your saved data and possibly the other saved games on the other files. If you defeat the Dragonlord, the hero goes back to Tantegel Castle, and King Lorik tries to offer him his kingdom as a gift. The hero then turns it down, and decides to go start his own kingdom. Princess Gwaelin and the hero set off to find newer land. This sets up the sequel, Dragon Warrior II, which will tell the story of the three descendant’s of the hero.

When you start a game, you can choose to start a new quest, continue a quest, or change the message speed appearing on screen. You also have the option to copy saved data. The name you choose for your character will effect his ability score and stat growth as you level up in the game, and each stat is used in a formula determined by the letters used in the name you choose. The gameplay is your typical RPG, level up for better stats and collect gold to buy better equipment. The game has the random enemy encounter system and while battling you have your HP and MP listed and can choose from Fight, Spell, Run, and Item.

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