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Mickey Mousecapade Nintendo NES Game Cartridge

Mickey Mousecapade was released in North America for the NES in 1988. It was developed by Hudson Soft and published by Capcom for the NA version. The game became the first successful Disney trademark based on the well known Disney characters. The game is about Mickey Mouse attempting to save some little girl who turns out to be the girl Alice. Minnie will follow Mickey and sometimes gets captured. A variety of Disney villains make their appearance as a boss. Mickey and Minnie travel through five different levels trying to rescue Alice. The America version’s title screen simply says Mickey Mouse, the Japan title. If the game cartridge is opened, there will be a Mickey hidden within its circuit board.

The gameplay is the same in both Japan’s and America’s version, but there are many differences in the use of characters, names of levels, etc. Neither version have a boss that appears in both games. An example is Cheshire Cat is the Japan version first boss and in the American game, Witch Hazel replaced the Cat. Regular enemies that appear in Japan’s version were also replaced in America’s version. Queen of Hearts is the final boss in Japan while in America the final boss is Maleficent. Pete is only a boss in America’s version, being the fourth.

Japan’s version was based more on the movie Alice in Wonderland with most of the references to Disney coming from the same movie. There are also some references from Peter Pan, like Captain Hook being boss four while playing the game. The America version had the game more localized with a varied formula. Enemies in this version come from Sleeping Beauty, Jungle Book, Country Bear, and Snow White. Items from both versions also had changes. Japan’s version had Donald Duck heads the player could pick up to restore life, while America converted that item into diamonds. Mickey’s weapon in the America version are throwing stars while in Japan he will shoot white balls. The names of stages also were changed. The first stage is called Fun House in America and Little House in Japan.

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