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Muppet Adventure NES Game Cartridge

Muppet Adventure was released for the NES in 1990. It was developed by Mind’s Eye and published by Hi Tech Expressions. The NES game will be unique from the computer versions in that there are hearts on the screen that will designate hit detection. The two player mode, however, has been taken out. The game will feature the Muppets that Jim Henson created being at a carnival and searching for keys to save Miss Piggy that Dr Grump has taken captive. Fozzie, Gonzo, Kermit, and three more characters from the television show will dash into Dr Grump’s mysterious carnival to rescue her.

The player will need to get through four rides before they face the Grumpasaurus on the game’s last carnival confrontation. The levels will require the player to complete each one with a certain character. The player will be able to complete the levels in the order they desire. The Tunnel of Love will have the player use Kermit inside an inner tube floating down a waterway. The Fun House full of desserts will require the use of Fozzie Bear and have the player escape. The Space Ride will have the player use Gonzo to fly a space shuttle. The Bumper Cars will have the player use Animal to drive around the bumper cars. When these level are completed, the player will take control of Kermit who will be armed with a feather going through the castle of Dr Grump.

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