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Defender II NES Game Cartridge

Defender II, which was originally titled Stargate for the arcades, was released for the NES in 1988. It followed the original game Defender as a sequel. There is no relation to the Stargate franchise 13 years later that was released. Another name for this game is Defender Stargate. Defender II was for the home console releases, because of legal issues. All the home ports had the Defender II name and on future game compilations. Arcade units with the Defender II name were never produced. The Atari 2600 version complicated things because it was sold under the name Stargate, but later renamed Defender II on later releases.

The player will flay a spaceship above a large mountainous landscape inhabited by humanoids. The landscape will wrap around when constantly flying one direction, which brings the ship back to the start point. The goal of the player is to destroy all the Landers and protect humans from being abducted. The spaceship the player is flying has a beam weapon that can be rapidly fired. There are smartbombs with limited supply which destroys all the enemies on screen. The cloaking energy makes the players ship invisible, destroying any ship it contacts with. The radar is at the top screen which shows positions of the aliens and the humans.

The game has 15 different aliens to defeat. The Lander is the main enemy in the game. They will teleport in waves to the level trying to capture humans by lowering to them and pulling them up in the air. If it succeeds it will turn into a Mutant, which will chase the player at a consistent speed shooting projectiles. They have erratic movement which makes them hard to shoot. A baiter is a flat looking spaceship that appears if the level is taking too long to finish. They will home on your spaceship trying to match your speed while firing projectiles with good accuracy. A bomber is box shaped and lays mines that are stationary. A pod is star like and will burst into multiple swarmers when hit. The swarmer is very small and teardrop shaped that will move swiftly in a weird fashion, making it hard to shoot. A Firebomber is a modified bomber that rotates and will shoot fast fireballs at you. The Yllabian Space Guppie will attack in swarms and homes on your ship. Big Reds and Phreds are square and look like a constantly opening mouth. They will send out Munchies when hit, very small versions of itself. Dynamos are diamond shaped made up of Space Hums that break off periodically to attack you. When all the aliens are killed, the player will progress to the next level. The exception of all aliens killed are Space Hums, Firballs, Baiters, Big Reds, Phreds, and Munchies.

The game will start with ten humans that inhabit the planet that Landers will try and abduct to fuse with themselves. To save a Humanoid, the player must destroy the Lander that is holding them in air. This will cause the Humanoid to fall. If the height is low, the human can survive the fall. If the height of the Lander is high when destroyed, the payer will need to catch them with the ship and return them to ground. A Humanoid can be accidentally killed from the player’s beam if the Lander is missed. The planet will explode if all the Humanoids die, which leaves the player in an empty space. This will also turn all the Landers into Mutants, which will make the level very hard. Every 5 enemy waves completed will restore all 10 Humanoids.

Points can be rewarded to the player other than killing aliens. If a Humanoid falls and lands on the ground and doesn’t die, that is worth 250 points. When catching a Humanoid, the player can receive a minimum 500 points to a maximum of 2000 points. The amount of points rewarded depends on the amount of Humanoids that are being carried. 500 points are rewarded for returning a caught Humanoid to ground level. Every Humanoid that survives the level will give 100 points each on the 1st wave, 200 points each on the 2nd wave, etc going up to 500 points each on the 5th wave. A 2000 point bonus can be rewarded if all the enemies are defeated and the player catches a falling humanoid and positions them-self on ground level located directly under a Humanoid, simultaneously catching them and placing them on ground. If the Humanoid is caught in the air, the wave will end and 500 points are rewarded. Every 10,000 points the player will receive a smart bomb, extra life, and cloaking energy.

On the gamefield is a central feature, the Stargate, which is represented with concentric rectangles. The Stargate operation depends on current gaming conditions. Flying in the Stargate when a Lander is lifting a Humanoid will teleport your ship straight to the Lander that is doing the abducting. If multiple Humanoids are being picked up, the Stargate will teleport the player to the Lander closest to lifting a Humanoid all the way up. If one humanoid is being abducted and one falling, your ship will teleport to the one that is falling. If none of these situations are happening, you will be transported to the other planet side. Carrying a minimum of four Humanoids when going into the Stargate warps the player ahead some levels. This is mainly for the advanced players to skip easier levels and to get a lot of points, smart bombs, extra lives, and cloaking energy. Warping can only be done in levels 1-10 and can be kept away from by flying backwards to the Stargate so the layer can continue the level currently being played.

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