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Gauntlet NES Game Cartridge

Gauntlet was released for the NES in 1987 and is based Gauntlet from the arcade and has a unique plot with 100 levels. The game is set in the land of Rendar and a devil looking hooded creature Morak stole the one Sacred Orb that protects the land. He has hidden the orb with other treasure he has stolen in a Gauntlet that is being protected by evil creatures. Only two of the four original heroes are able to go into the portal to go and retrieve the orb. The unlicensed version of Gauntlet says on the box The #1 Arcade Game, however, there are multiple differences from the NES and arcade versions, with the biggest difference being helpful hints from the dungeon master not in the NES game. The sounds from the players like the grunts are still present though.

The view of the game is from a top perspective inside a dungeon. Doors and treasure chests can be opened using keys. Keys and potions are found scattered in levels. The player has the choice of four characters, which are Thyra, Merlin, Thor, and Questor. Each character varies in stats. The stats in the game are shot power, magic power, armor, close range combat, and moving speed. Gold will increase these stats like getting experience and special potions can permanently raise an ability some. There are also temporary abilities that can be found in items that are shaped like boxes. These abilities can give your character repulsing power, invulnerability, invisibility, reflective shots, and super shots.

A map showing each of the lands will be shown between stages. The game has five worlds that the player will traverse through, which include the Forest, Caverns, Castle, Volcano, and Water. Every area has their own walls. The Forest has tree walls, the Caverns has rock walls, the Castle has brick walls, the Volcano has crystal rock walls, and the water has invisible walls. Pushable walls have also been added in the NES game.

There are two other room types besides your normal maze fighting rooms. Treasure rooms will let the player collect treasure and build their experience, allowing them to get a higher max for health points, greater speed, and stronger attacks. The abilities will grow after 50 treasures, and will continue to grow by getting twice the amount from the last growth, like 100 being the next growth, then 200, etc. If 2,000 or more treasures are collected, the password given will not work. Enemies are absent in treasure rooms, but the players health is refilled when finding the exit before the timer runs out. This will limit how many treasures the player can collect. A password appears when exiting a treasure room if exited before time expires.

The other room type is a Clue Room. The game has eight of these through the game. When inside one of a Clue Room, the player will need to find the question mark tile, then exit the room before the time runs out. This tile will give you one part of the combination to unlock the final 100th level. When the player finds question tile and exits the room, the evil Morak appears to give a clue. Players will need to navigate around tiles that stun you and trap floors that will flash and cause a wall to disappear after stepping on it. There are also teleporters that will send the player to different areas and the area sent to will depend on the direction of the player when entering. The password system was considered frustrating by some, as "h" looked like "k", "S" looked like "5", and "l" looked like "1".

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