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Orb-3D NES Game Cartridge

Orb 3D was released for the NES in 1990. It was developed by Software Toolworks and published by Hi Tech Expressions. The evil Krohn, who is a space wizard, has mastered a power that allows him to control black holes. He plans to use the power to take over the universe. The player is an explorer that is on an assignment in one of the universe’s remote corners. The player is then reassigned to defeat Krohn because their ship, called Millenium Orb, can withstand the black hole created by Krohn, and their ship is the only one that has the capability to do so. The game originally came with some 3D glasses which could give gameplay more of a three dimensional appearance. The glasses though are not necessary for gameplay.

On the right and left sides of every chamber will be force fields that the player will need to maneuver to be able to keep their ship inside the chamber. Every chamber will contain a plane at the center with a variety of targets that the Orb will move around. The player can have the Orb move out of the orbital path and into the chamber’s plane to hit targets. To finish every chamber the player will need to finish goals with targets, often needing to find a way to have them all cleared. The player’s ship will have limited fuel that will be drained over time. Greater quantities will be drained if the player misses the Orb with force fields. If the player’s fuel is low, they can go toward Vern’s Orb-O-Rama to use their credits they earned to replenish the Orb’s fuel.

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