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R. C. Pro-AM NES Game Cartridge

R.C. Pro-Am was released for the NES in 1988, being originally titled Pro Am Racing. It was developed by Rare with Nintendo publishing the game. It was considered one of the first successful games by Rare for the NES. There were two sequels released after the original. The game’s visuals, gameplay, sound, and enjoyability were well-received. It was distanced from the earlier racing games by using the overhead view instead of first person. The game was inspirational for future video games like Rock n’ Roll Racing, Super Off Road, and also the Mario Kart games. Multiple top games lists have cited the game as one of the best ever for the NES.

The game is in an isometric overhead view, and the player will use a remote controlled car to compete against three other opponents. The horizontal buttons on the D-Pad are used for steering right and left. Other buttons are used for accelerating, firing weapons, and pausing the game. There are a total of 24 tracks, with the goal of each racer being to qualify into the next track by finishing first, second, or third. The game will end if the player finishes in fourth place. Continues can be used to restart the race, having two total. Using a continue will take all the points the player accumulated in the game until that point. A trophy is received for every race successfully completed. Trophies for high scores, which lead up to a Super Trophy, can be obtained. When ending the game, scores from the player can be recorded on the Top Drivers list. Unfortunately, these scores will be erased once the console is turned off.

There are items spread throughout the tracks the player can pick up by touching them with their vehicle. Tune up items will help increase car’s performance like getting turbo acceleration, a hotter engine to have a higher max speed, and sticky tires for better cornering and increased traction. The items will be displayed between races on the screen for track conditions. There are also weapons for the player to pick up that can hurt or slow down the other cars. Missiles will shoot in front of the player to take out other racers, while the bombs will will come out from the player from behind. These weapons will also carry on for the next track, and extra ammo can be collected on tracks that will be represented by stars.

Roll cages will help protect the cars from damage when crashing, and the opposing racers can also pick these up. Zippers on the tracks will give a car a speed boost, and the bonus letters will give the player a large point bonus and the capability of driving an upgraded vehicle if NINTENDO is spelled with them. The player will start with a normal truck, with the first upgrade giving them a 4 wheeler that is faster, and the second upgrade giving them an Off Roader being the fastest vehicle. Hazards that are located on the tracks consist of oil slicks, which will cause a car to lose control and spin out, rain squalls and water puddles that will slow a car down, a barrier that will pop up to crash cars, and skulls that will decrease a players ammo. If too many projectiles are used by the player on the other racers, the yellow car will accelerate to 127 mph, and the player cannot match that speed.

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