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Short Order Eggsplode NES Game Cartridge

Short Order + Eggsplode was released for the NES in 1989. It was developed and published by Nintendo. The game uses the Power Pad for the controller. The difference in this Power Pad game from the previous ones was it wasn’t advertised to be an exercise program. It was a puzzle based game.

The first game is Short Order, which has the player work inside a fast food establishment and will need to prepare meals that are ordered by different animals. To add ingredients to an order, the player will need to step on the corresponding circled number on a Power Pad. Animals might require multiple different ingredients, with each ingredient representing a certain height unit. The highest unit number a burger goes is 99. The second game is Eggsplode. The screen will show 12 nests with a chicken on each one. They appear in rows of four, the exact way a Power Pad is displayed. While playing, foxes will go to the nests and lay bombs underneath them. The goal is stepping on the circled number that corresponds to the nest which will deactivate the bomb. If stepped on twice, the egg will be destroyed, giving the player a game over. There are blue, red, and orange bombs, with the blue giving the most points.

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