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Wizards and Warriors NES Game Cartridge

Wizards and Warriors was released for the NES in 1987. Rare developed the game and Acclaim Entertainment published it. Early video game magazines, like Nintendo Power, featured the game during 1988-1989. The two main characters in the game, Malkil and Kuros, made appearances in an animated series called The Power Team and Captain N. The game was also novelized in Worlds of Power, which was a series with game adaptations from the NES. The game had three sequels following the first game.

The plot of the game follows the hero Kuros, a Knight Warrior, as he is put up against Malkil, an evil wizard and the game’s main antagonist. Being of of Merlin’s students, Malkil was one of the best wizards around. As he aged, however, he went crazy and started to use his magic to pursue evil. Eventually, Malkil captures the princess, holding her as a prisoner inside Castle IronSpire. The castle was far inside the Elrond forests. Kuros is then summoned to traverse through the Elrond forests. His weapon is the Brightsword, a legendary sword powerful enough to destroy undead, insects, demons, and other creatures under the spell of Malkil. Kuros must get to IronSpire to defeat Malkil so he can save the princess and return her to her kingdom.

The game will be a platformer, having the player take control of Kuros to make their way through Elrond forests to Malkil’s castle. When beginning the game, a map will be shown briefly for the player to view. After viewing, the gameplay will start. The player will begin in Elrond forest and will need to explore the tops and insides of trees to locate items and to reach the caves and the tunnels. When reaching that point, the player will start to collect a variety of treasures and magical items. Caves will be full of lava or ice. After the caves, there will be another forest before reaching Castle IronSpire. The player will need to go over IronSpire to get inside. When inside the castle, it will have mazes that the player will need keys for opening doors. There is a possibility of finding other people to rescue. The end boss will be Malkil.

The player will use the D-pad to move across the screen horizontally and for crouching. Along with using Kuros’s Brightsword, the player will be able to use magic and other weapons to attack enemies. If the player holds the sword in position, they will be able to attack enemies that are airborne. A player can also stand to attack enemies while holding the sword. The game’s objective is collecting the variety of magic and weapons along with treasure and gems while progressing. The player will use these items to get past enemies, hazards, and other obstacles. The gems are collected so the player can bribe the creatures who guard entrances to the game’s next level. Without enough gems, the player will not be able to progress.

At every level’s end, there will be a creature that is considered a boss. These bosses will be empowered with black magic from Malkil. There will be a meter showing the boss’s Black Magic Power. This meter will tell the player how difficult a boss will be, how much health it has, and which weapon will be needed to defeat the boss. The player’s life meter will decrease over time and will also decrease when they are damaged by an enemy. Once the player’s life meter is completely depleted, they will lose a life. When restarting, however, the player will keep every item they have gotten to their current point in the game. The game will end when the three lives the player has are lost. The player will then have a choice of continuing and restarting at the point where their last life was lost. When continuing, the player will keep their items like if they just lost a life, but the score will be reset to zero. A player’s health is able to be replenished when the collect meat pieces that are scattered through the game’s levels.

There will be items along the way that will help the player. Treasure chests, torches, and acorns will have objects the player can collect. The chests will be color coded, so a key with the same color as the chest will be needed to open the chest. The color code will also be used for opening doors. Some magic items and weapons will be replaced once a player obtains another item while others will remain with the player as they progress.

The Boots of Force will let the player be able to kick open doors and chests. The magical potions will temporarily give the player extra jumping, more speed, or invincibility. The gems, mentioned earlier, will bribe the guardians at the doors. A shield will protect the player from the enemy attacks. A Potion of Levitation will allow the player to float up. The Dagger and Battle Axe are able to be thrown at the enemies and will return to the player like it was a boomerang. The Feather will slow the player’s falling speed. The Staff and Wand will shot fire balls and ice balls, respectively. The Cloak will make the player invisible. The Lava Boots will allow the player to walk on lava. an Exploding Egg will destroy all the enemies on the screen.

There will also be Alarm Clocks that will stop all the enemies shortly and axe and knife upgrades. There is a horn, like a trumpet, appeared to be useless by many players, but the actual purpose of the horn was revealing hidden doors that led to a gem cave in some areas. Other treasures of value will increase a player’s score. These will include chalices, orbs, coins, and treasure hoards. Another way to increase the player’s score is rescuing other damsels in distress during gameplay in the game’s levels.

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