Super Bomberman

I was not fond of Bomberman on the NES. My initial interest in the game mostly came from the fact that the title sounded like the name of a Mega Man boss. So I went into it expecting a fast paced action game and was instead greeted by a plodding maze game. And while that […]

Bomberman 64

As much as we love Bomberman for its riotous multiplayer mode let’s be honest, the single player campaign has been tolerable at best.  Through five installments on the SNES and the awesome Bomberman ’93 on the Turbo Grafx-16 this has held true but the N64’s release provided an opportunity to put a new spin on […]

Silent Bomber

Who remembers Bomberman Act Zero?  I’m sure Konami/Hudson wishes everyone would forget but it stands as a perfect example of how not to update a franchise for modern audiences.  With its dude bro look and sterilized graphic style it pandered to the American audience but everyone was far too smart to fall for it.  There […]