Metroid Prime

Metroid Prime should not have worked. When the game was first announced to use the first person perspective it would be an understatement to say that many expected the worst. It also didn’t help that its developer, Retro Studios, had undergone turmoil within the company leading to Nintendo having to step in and create order […]

Goonies II

The Goonies was something of a cultural touchstone for many of us who are children of the 80s.  A group of teenagers on the adventure of a lifetime searching for a long lost buried treasure is something most kids dream of in one fashion or another.  Personally while I liked the movie I can’t say […]

Section Z

You know once upon a time I actually liked Section Z somewhat.  I was and still am a huge Metroid fan and the NES version of Section Z is eerily similar to Nintendo’s classic series.  However Nintendo realized a sprawling adventure of that size should not and in most cases could not be completed in […]