Super Metroid

The greatest video game of all time. The best overall Super Nintendo game. Masterpiece. Many are the accolades that Super Metroid has received over the years and they are all accurate to an extent. The scary thing is the game really is that good; Super Metroid is one of the best video games ever created […]

Shadowrun (Genesis)

Of all the settings that I have experienced the Shadowrun universe ranks among my favorite.  Something about the cyberpunk setting and mix of future technology captured my imagination like nothing else when I first became aware of it in 1993.  This made it optimal for use in the videogame space and in the 90s Sega […]


  These days any game that has an open world that allows you to collect items and pass previously insurmountable obstacles is referred to as a Metroid clone.  But back in 1986 no such distinction existed.  The only thing we were aware of is that this was unlike anything we had played before and that […]