Journey from Darkness: Strider Returns

Man what were Capcom thinking?  I don’t know how the deal was worked out to allow a European company to produce a sequel to a beloved classic but whoever negotiated that contract has a silver tongue.  Strider in the arcade and its Sega Genesis port were both amazing games and any word of a sequel […]

Strider (Genesis)

  During the 8-bit era gamers were accustomed to gimped arcade ports.  True, there were some that came close or even surpassed their arcade counterpart, usually because the hardware was so dated.  But true arcade perfection remained a dream.  It wasn’t until the advent of the 16-bit consoles that it became a reality, and one […]

Run Saber

When you think of Atlus more than likely images of the niche RPGs they have published over the years are conjured up.  For the longest time that has been their MO, nabbing games no one else wants and localizing them.  And they’re quite good at it.  Recently they have started to branch out into other […]