Splatterhouse Wanpaku Graffiti

Namco’s Splatterhouse was a significant arcade release for a few reasons.  The protagonist with his vaguely Friday the 13thesque mask was an imposing figure and the gobs of gore spilled left and right was definitely unheard of at the time.  But forget about the violence, it was an arcade beat em up that didn’t focus […]

Splatterhouse 3

Now this is more like it!  After the mediocrity of Splatterhouse 2 I don’t think anyone really expected much from part 3.  Kudos to Namco for going above and beyond to make it the definitive game in the series by largely starting over from scratch and abandoning most of the series’ tropes. Splatterhouse 3 was […]

Splatterhouse 2

Now here is a case of a game not living up to my fond memories.  The original Splatterhouse received a lot of attention for its gore and violence even despite its release on the (relatively) obscure Turbo Grafx-16.  The gameplay could be described as adequate at best; about the only thing going for it were […]